The Diyode Truck

The Diyode Truck is available to qualified members. There is a $15/month insurance fee for truck privileges, and you need a clean-ish driving record to get on the insurance.


Please follow the etiquette for use.

  • Always return the truck full of gas.
  • No overnight sign out – the truck must be back at Diyode each night.
  • Make only one booking at a time. If you need more, book the next trip after you have returned from the last one.
  • Please keep it as local as possible, 100km max – it is an old truck, and may not last too much longer. Repairs cost the membership money.
  • Never take the truck without putting it in the calendar.


Truck Prebooking:

Before taking the truck, check to make sure that no-one has booked it first.

Diyode’s pickup truck is available to members who have signed up, and are paying the $15/month insurance fee.


To book a slot, you first need a truck rental account  under your Diyode email account.

Once that is set up, click on the Google Plus icon on the bottom right corner of the calendar above.  This will bring up the Google Calendar page.  Click a time slot for when you would like the truck.  A window will pop up.  In the window labelled “What”, enter your name and the task of the rental.  Then, click on the down arrow at the right of the calendar window to get the Diyode Truck Signup label , and click on that.  Then click the “Create Event” tab.  You’re done!

7 Responses to “The Diyode Truck”

  1. Peter Mikichak says:

    Okay all you electronic whiz kids… does one reset the truck clock?

    There must be some not obvious way of resetting the time but it is like a lot of the older Chrysler minivans with some complicated reset procedure.

    I couldn’t figure it out although I didn’t spend much time at it.
    Stupid design.

    My Taurus wagon has a little button….H….and a little button….M
    Press them and the hours and minutes change.

  2. Peter Mikichak says:

    I made a 2×2 support to keep the rear hatch ‘window’ up when the tailgate is down for easier loading.


    It’s GONE….anyone know where it went?? That’s why I marked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. mark Zander says:

    To change the clock on the Truck.
    Turn on ignition and turn off Radio.
    Press the ‘Set’ button.
    Use the ‘Seek’ buttons to change the time.

  4. Christoph Kesting says:

    Heya, could someone please let me know if my abstract made the insurance folks give a thumbs up.

    May I drive the truck?


  5. Simon Clark says:

    We’ve not heard back yet. I’ll try and follow up tomorrow.

  6. Ed Jackson says:

    OK call me a luddite, but I think entering a booking on the diyode truck agenda is not clear. I’m log in but can not figure out how to book.

    PS I need the truck this evening to move appliance to diyode. 6pm-8pm

  7. Dave Carpenter says:

    The truck is in the shop for brake work today. Can’t seem to book it against the truck’s calendar for some reason.

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