Drill Press (Bench)

This tool requires common sense.

Buffalo #15 Bench Drill Press


Safety Precautions

Spinning objects
Flying debris (potential eye and face damage)
Entanglement of hair, jewelry or clothing

Protective Equipment (above minimum)

Safety Glasses
Hearing protection
Do not wear gloves, Tie back long hair. Avoid loose fitting clothing
Remove rings, watches, bracelets and other such jewelry




History and Ownership

Canadian Blower/Canadian Pumps.
Kitchener. Ontario.
Buffalo #15 Bench Drill.
Height 3'2". Drilling platform 11"x11"
Jacob's chuck. 0-1/2"
Motor 1750 r.p.m.

Spindle speeds

@1750 rpm = 500 925 1725 3280 6000
@1140 rpm = 330 625 1140 2165 3965


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