Abrasive Blast Cabinet

This tool has important notes.
The steward for this tool is: Mark Zander and Simon Clark

WARNING! : This machine is not intended for use with silica base abrasives. Silica based abrasived have been linked to severe respiratory disease. Always use silica substitues when abrasive blasting!

WARNING! : Always Close and latch the door prior to operating cabinet.

WARNING! : The air should be turned off until the workpiece is inside the cabinet to prevent accidental spraying of abrasive when loading.

WARNING! : Do not aim the nozzel at your fingers, the rubber gloves or the light.

Clarke Large Abrasive Blast Cabinet

Model : SB9007

Please read and understand this manual before using


Safety Precautions

Respiratory Danger (produces small particles which are dangerous when inhaled)

Exsessive Noise levels

Protective Equipment (above minimum)

Additional respiratory must be used

Hearing protection


Ensure dust trap has water before using.



Capacity - 40 lbs.

Arm Hole openings - 7"

Work Area Dimensions - 37" x 23" x 54"

Air Requirements - 5HP compressor w/min 12 CFM @40-80psi


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