CNC Mill

This tool requires use and safety training.
The steward for this tool is: Mark Zander
Certified trainers for this tool are: Brennan McKillop

The TAIG is a very capable CNC mill, although it is very slow. There is quite a bit of material to go through to use it, all of which can be found on the DIYode wiki (


We currently use Fusion 360 as our toolpath/CAM generator. However, you can use any CAM software capable of using a generic mach3 post processor.


History and Ownership

This item was bought using Trillium Grant money from Chipping Away in Kitchener.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation is an agency of the Government of Ontario.


Member Comments

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- Dec 31 1969
- a feedrate of 4 and plunge rate of 1 works well for aluminum. - if using WD40 as a lubricant when milling aluminum, note that this might cause your work piece to slip under the clamps. Make sure you clamp it very thoroughly on as many sides of the work piece as you can.
- Dave May 20 2015