This tool requires common sense.
Certified trainers for this tool are: Mark Zander

DIYode members have access to use this device to diagnose and program their VW-Audi Group cars.

The VAG-COM cable is not at the workshop. Contact Mark Zander to arrange to borrow the cable.

You can download the VCDS software from Ross-tech. You will need a laptop with a USB interface running Windows XP.

VCDS is Windows-based Diagnostic Software for VW / Audi / Seat / Skoda. It uses a propriatary cable which plugs in to the ODB-II port on your car.

 History and Ownership

This belongs to Mark Zander and you should contact him if you would like to use it.

Member Comments

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- Dec 31 1969
I also have a Vag-Com cable that member are welcome to borrow. I also have a Bluetooth OBDII dongle that can be used with your Android phone or tablet if you just want to pull codes. Might also work with Apple devices, but I have no experience with iOS software.
- James Johnson Oct 10 2016
also works for Subaru 2002-2007 (not all models, but most popular ones). open source software available (RomRaider, LearninView, EcuFlash)
- Matt Makauskas May 06 2016