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This tool requires common sense.

Super 3 Speed Air Cleaner

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Safety Precautions

Things like "rotating blades", and "Has tendency to veer to the left"

Safety Equipment Required

Eye Protection, Ear protection, etc...


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History and Ownership

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Tool Detail

Craftex CX-series 3 Speed Air Cleaner

Model : CX407

S/N : 18SB-004-08-024

Date : Apr, 2018



Motor: 1/5-HP, 120-Volts, Single Phase, 60-Hz
Motor Low Speed: 750 RPM
Motor Medium speed: 960 RPM
Motor High Speed: 1200 RPM
Fan Low Speed Sound Rating : 62 dB
Fan Medium Speed Sound Rating: 67 dB 
Fan High Speed Sound Rating: 69 dB
Air Flow at Low Speed: 556 CFM
Air Flow at Medium Speed: 702 CFM
Air Flow at High Speed: 1044 CFM
Primary Filter: 5-Micron
Secondary Filter: 1-Micron
Unit Dimensions: Length 30-1/4" x Width 24-1/8" x Height 12-1/8"
Weight : 56 lbs
Warranty: 3 Years

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