Bandsaw (Rockwell 14)

This tool requires use and safety training.
The steward for this tool is: Simon Clark
Certified trainers for this tool are: James McKeown, Ken Brown, Mark Zander

This is a Rockwell 14" wheel, 93 1/4" blade bandsaw.  It is capable of high speed wood cutting and low speed metal cutting, but we use it exclusively on the high speed setting.

It has a 2 speed clutch at the back that should ideally let you switch between high speed wood cutting and slow speed metal cutting.



 We typically order replacement blades from R&D Bandsaws ( 


Safety Precautions

Moving Blade (potential loss of fingers and skin)
Flying debris (potential eye and face damage)
Entanglement of hair, jewelry or clothing
Loud Noise potential


Protective Equipment (above minimum)

Safety Glasses
Hearing protection
Do not wear gloves, Tie back long hair. Avoid loose fitting clothing
Remove rings, watches, bracelets and other such jewelry


  • The speed clutch is tight, requiring a lot of force to properly set.
  • needs oil


History and Ownership

This item came from Peter Clark (Simon's Dad). It was used in the brake-lining industry since new, cutting brake pads in half for testing purposes.  It now belongs to Diyode.


Rockwell 14" Metal cutting bandsaw
Model : 28-300
S/N : 313580

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- Dec 31 1969
Blade broke on November 3rd
- Seth England Nov 03 2019
Blade broke on November 3rd
- Seth England Nov 03 2019
If I plan on cutting plywood and/or dimensional lumber in straight lines, a circular saw is a versatile tool for my arsenal. With a few tricks and techniques, I can make nice, straight, square cuts without having to own several separate, bulky tools, like a table saw, and a power miter saw. mitersawexpert(dot)net
- David M. Goldstein Jun 19 2015
Thanks a lot for providing instructions on bandsaw.
- nguyen thi duong Apr 29 2015
This is totally awesome. This machinery is very useful and helpful. Rest assure that this is a highly recommended machinery.
- le trong linh Apr 19 2015