Milling Machine - Bridgeport

This tool requires use and safety training.
The steward for this tool is: Brennan McKillop
Certified trainers for this tool are: Mark Zander, Simon Clark

Can be damaged if used improperly.

Anyone who wants to use it must speak to Brennan first!


This is a Bridgeport Series 1 milling machine.

See the Wiki for details.


Safety Precautions

Moving Blade (potential loss of fingers and skin)
Flying debris (potential eye and face damage)
Entanglement of hair, jewelry or clothing
Loud Noise potential

Protective Equipment (above minimum)

Safety Glasses
Hearing protection
Do not wear gloves, Tie back long hair. Avoid loose fitting clothing
Remove rings, watches, bracelets and other such jewelry



History and Ownership

Bought off Kijiji from George Garrett


2 Axis DRO

Mitutoyo Mfg. Co. LTD.

Model : GML - 3705W

Code No : 164 - 366

Serial No : 220837

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