Laser Cutter

This tool requires use and safety training.
The steward for this tool is: Simon Clark
Certified trainers for this tool are: James McKeown, Ken Brown, Mark Zander, Peter Coleman, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond, Liam Mayes, T. Shawn Johnson

G.Weike model LG900 60w laser engraver

Before you can use the laser cutter you must have gone through a training session and signed a usage agreement.

At the moment there is no cost for using the laser cutter. This will change.


Requires regular calibration and maintenance


Laser cutter Wiki

Laser cutter Manual

How to clean laser optics

History and Ownership

The laser cutter was purchased with donations from diyode members (Mark, Simon, Jamie, Tony and Dave S.), and technically is not the property of Diyode.


 The only extinguisher that should be used is a special CO2 extinguisher. Any other type of extinuisher will destroy most of the laser cutter's components.

 It is recommended that operators wear safety glasses.

Member Comments

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- Dec 31 1969
Oh, and the comment posting page gives some debug info instead of redirecting back to the page. Cheers
- David Carpenter Jan 27 2017
Hi, the dropbox link to the laser cutter manual is broken (or disallowed) FYI.
- David Carpenter Jan 27 2017
I tried to use the laser cutter today and it is not cutting, alas. Using a cut power of 100, and various speeds of 4 8 12 16 and 20 to test, my results were a cut of no more than .1mm deep each time. The width of the kerf became larger with each slower speed, but the cut\'s depth did not increase. *pout*
- T. Shawn Johnson Sep 08 2016
I was just informed by Shawn Johnson that he inadvertently (by mistake) pressed the Z-Datum button on the laser cutter, and some adjustment is required before use. (ok fine, Shawn wrote this after Brennan logged into his account, and he\'s watching me now , so this isn\'t a covert hacking operation)
- Brennan McKillop Jul 14 2016
Bed is levelled. Occasional problems reported with x-axis jumping inches. Watch your work careful and report any issues.
- Simon Clark Sep 10 2015