Safety Equipment

This tool requires common sense.


DIYode has lots of safety equipment for your protection.

The best safety is to learn how to use the workshop tools properly. Detailed safety instructions can be found on each specific tools page

Do not remove or defeat any device that is meant to make the tools more safe.

If you remove a safety device to do some work, put it back after you are done so the next person can be safe.

First Aid :

There is a large First Aid kit and an Eye Wash station in the bathroom.

If you use something other than band-aids please let us know so we can restock.

Fire Extinguisher :

There are a few fire extinguishers around the shop.

Make note of their location now so you know where they are if you need them.

 Hearing Protection :

There are both EarMuffs and EarPlugs for you to use.

Most powered tools are loud enough that hearing protection is recommended

Eye Protection :

There are various types of Eye protection available.

It is recommended to wear approved eye protection when you are doing anything where there is a chance of anything being redirected towards your eyes.

If you are welding, brazing, plamsa cutting you must wear approved eye protection.

If someone is welding or plasma cutting in the workshop we recommend you leave the shop until they are done. Light from the welding arc can reflect off most surfaces and cause eye damage even if you are far away or not looking towards the welder.

Respiratory Protection :

Take percautions with anything that may be inhaled.

Foot Protection :

We don't have foot protection available. But we recommend that if you have a pair that you should wear them while working in the workshop.

Please do not wear sandles or open toe shoes while working in the workshop.


Report all accidents or injuries to the DIYode board!

Please also report anything that you think may be unsafe.

Be safe. Don't be a dick.

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