12-ton Shop Press

This tool has important notes.
Certified trainers for this tool are: Mark Zander

A shop press can be used for lots of things.

Mostly for pressing in/out bearings. But it can be used to bend and straighten metal with the correct bending die.


READ the WARNING label attached to the shop press!

Always make sure the parts being pressed are centered under the ram and square to the press bed.

The press can build up a lot of force! If the jack slips it will eject the piece you are pressing at extreme speeds!

Always check the shaft diameter and bearing bore diameter before assembling. Make sure the piece you are pressing will realistically fit. Don't force anything.

Never press anything with cast iron. Cast iron will shatter under load.

Stand to the side when pressing; out of shrapnel range. Standing behind a shield of some sort (plywood) is ideal. Wrapping the piece being pressed in heavy cloth or leather is also a good idea.

Wear eye protection!



No issues.

History and Ownership

This item came from James. It is on long term loan.

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