Topics Discussed

Personalized truck plates - simon_clark

some are for, some are against, will discuss after we have a budget

Keeping the shop clean - simon_clark1

Ed talked about broken glass in a plastic garbage bag. That's not cool. Talked about organizing more so that everything has a place. We need a proper waste system, and a pattern for dealing with the garbages.

Upcoming workshops - simon_clark

Eva will be the workshop coordinator, put events on the calendar and remind people who volunteered when they will do.

Wellbeing grant - simon_clark

We've ordered 18 identical off-lease laptops. That leaves us about $1000 for arduinos, codeshields, and a travel box.

Technology showcase thingy - simon_clark

Date is Jan 29th, 5 to 7pm.

New forum / old mailing list - simon_clark

We'll try living with both, and re-assess in a while.

heating the shop - issues and solutions - simon_clark

we will look at venting from one space to the other.

Meeting Notes

Members Present

Adrian Harding, Chris Zimmermann, Edward Jackson, Eva Bodahelyi, John Roberts, Ken Brown, Simon Clark, Steve Mason, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond